Oh hello fall, nice of you to join Los Angeles.


Life has some how decided to move at light speed lately. And I realized that more than ever, due to my constant mix of work, sleep, long distance boyfriend, alumnae sorority life, family, friends and an online shopping addiction, somewhere in there my life has become a routine I’m just trying to get through. This past weekend I took time to relax all by myself.  I slept in, shopped until I literally dropped, played with my new fancy camera and got in bed every night at 8:30 for Breaking Bad marathons until I fell asleep.  It was magical (well BB isn’t, that show gives me anxiety)

Oh and a beautiful little surprise finally decided to join us, FALL! Well, it was still 75 degrees outside, but the leaves finally changed (which pleases this Midwestern girl very much so)





Life should never been a routine. You should never want to “just get through it”, weekends to yourself are necessary, so is turning your phone off, saying no to plans, and buying yourself oodles of new presents.

Happy one year + 11 months to Mr. Murphy and I! XOXO


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