Starving for beauty.


This braid somehow needs to happen on me. Immediately.


Bow down.


One day in 2014 I will move out. Then I will need to find a table like this.

“First of all… Its been a very bleak week so far its been bleak streak over here in America ! You know what ? It’s the famine of beauty ! Its the famine of beauty ! The famine of beauty honey ! My eyes are starving for beauty!” – Andre Leon Talley, The September Issue 

I look at Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram and over 30 blogs every day to stay inspired.  These are three images I found that caught my eye and I thought everyone might need some Friday sparkles. I try and watch The September Issue at least once every 3 or so months to keep myself motivated and re-inspire why I chose the career path I did. Andre Leon Talley is one of my top inspirations and not to mention hilarious.  And this quote really just sums up how I’ve been feeling lately.


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