We did it! We found the perfect apartment, in the perfect location! I couldn’t be happier. When looking for an apartment I realized that making a must have and have not list was so so SO important. You need to get your priorities in order and figure out what you can and cannot live without.

Here’s my list of personal apartment must haves and have nots.

  • Must have: Amazing natural light! Our apartment is on the second floor of our building (YAY!) and it was extremely important to me that we have a lot of natural light coming into our entire apartment. I love the feeling of be surrounded by sunshine. It makes me happy.
  • Have not: Cable! Who needs to spend all of their precious time staring at a TV?! Not me. Cable is also EXTREMELY expensive. Netflix accounts are $8 a month, just do yourself a favor and get an account and save yourself some major bucks.
  • Must have: 2 Bedrooms! I am twenty four years old, in a long distance, very serious relationship. Sharing rooms was literally not an option. I worked hard my whole life to get where I am now and I want to love and enjoy the life I have made for myself. And if you know me, you know that cozy time is the most important part of most of my days, so my room is my little sanctuary.
  • Have not: 2 Bathrooms! Although we did in fact find an apartment with 2 bathrooms it wasn’t a must for us. It’s our first real time venturing our of the comforts of our mother’s houses so we knew we would probably have to make sacrifices and sharing the bathroom was on that list.
  • Must have: Parking! Lord help us. Living in Los Angeles means that every single person in this beautiful city owns a car, meaning THERE IS NO PARKING EVER. I did not want to waste my time nor hard earned paychecks on parking tickets, permits, meters… ect. We fortunately have 3 parking spots which is basically unheard of in this city. Crisis averted!
  • Have not: Laundry room! Although I am starting to regret this… We have a communal laundry room however it is atrocious and disgusting so I refuse to use it. So I pretend we do not have one. I am realizing that this is extremely inconvenient but I knew things wouldn’t be perfect and this is a sliver of the unperfectness in my life.

I hope this list helps you on your apartment adventures! Stay tuned for photos of the finished place!



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