Ryan Cruz Saldana


While traveling in New York last week I was scrolling through Instagram (per usual) and stumble upon something I couldn’t believe. I was planning on sharing my trip on the blog this week but I feel that something else must be brought to attention first. Jacqui worked with me at Madewell. She would bring her son, Ryan into the store and we would all laugh and play. She told me once that if I have kids with Kyle they won’t ever look like me because that’s what happened to her. I told her that was okay because if I ever had a child who was half as cute as Ryan things would be perfect. I cannot even begin to fathom how painful losing a child can be. My heart aches. I cannot stop thinking of this family, Ryan, and this terrible tragedy. It has been on my mind constantly since I found out. I have no children and I cannot even grasp the love that one has for a child of their own and the pain of losing a son it’s literally unimaginable. I wish I could just hug the pain out of Jacqui and Dan. I wish there was something I could do for them. That night I found out, I squeezed Kyle so tight crying, I couldn’t let go. I am thankful everyday I have him and blessed to have such a supportive partner.


This little boy was remarkable. He was full of life and laughter. He forever will be remembered.

 To read the full story on Ryan Cruz Saldana, click here. If you can, please donate to The Saldana Family’s Go Fund Me. Also check out the hashtag #RedBalloonsForRyan on Instagram. So many people have joined together to keep this little man’s spirit alive.



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