Sorority Life: My College Journey


Hi everyone! Girls reach out to me on Tumblr and other social media platforms mostly about sorority life and what it all entails. I wanted to start a series called Sorority Life that shares my experiences and answer any questions! I feel like sometimes I answer the same questions sometimes so I thought I would share it here as well as other platforms. Reach out to me with any questions and I’ll be sure to write a post on it!

My college journey was nothing but ordinary (well most things in my life aren’t) and I am thankful for the life experiences I have had. In 2007 (dating myself, yikes!) I packed up all of my belongings and moved to San Francisco to attend SFSU. I had already made the SF State Cheer Team and was contemplating sorority life on top of that, school and long distance with my boyfriend who stayed at home for college. I had always dreamed I would go off to college to a big 10 school with football, tailgates and kick ass greek life. And where did I end up? Living in a huge city, surrounded by a bunch of hipsters, with a mediocre basketball team and the smallest greek life. Things rarely happen the way you plan. But I have learned that’s okay.

I had always dreamed of being Elle Woods. Finding my house and that being my “thing”. After my cheerleading days were over, thanks to my mother and doctors who said “Here we are in the emergency room, again. We said one more concussion, you’re done.” I felt so lost. Cheer and dance had been my outlet for so many years. I needed something else. I knew I wanted to join a National Panhellenic Council chapter. Problem! There were only three PHC sororities on campus. THREE. WHAT. How am I supposed to make a decision that will forever change my life (well I thought at that moment) with only THREE OPTIONS! I am a girl, I NEED OPTIONS. Anyways I went to rush with my roommate and freaked out. This looked like SO much fun, the songs, the sisterhood, THE CRAFTS. I needed in. Unfortunately I was working while also dealing with that long distance boyfriend, and school. Trying to add a sorority to that was going to be impossible (for now, the story gets better!). I gave up the sorority dream for the time being and tried to enjoy San Francisco in all of it’s foggy glory.

Fast forward to a year and a half later, a traumatic break up, being stuck in LA on the 10 freeway and making a decision to transfer to fashion school at FIDM, dropping out of SF state before I was even accepted at FIDM, moving all of my belongings to LA where my parents had moved, my parents getting divorced and realizing I moved to a city where I had no friends. Hello dramatic much? Fast forward to a year after that, I was accepted to FIDM (thank god) and graduated with my Associate of Arts Degree in Visual Communications, made some great friends and had my dream internship with Rachel Zoe (I die). I had officially figured out living in Los Angeles. But I graduated, was currently working at GUESS corporate offices as a visual intern and was about to dive into another (soon to fail) relationship. Should I get a job? Should I go back to school and get my bachelors? Should I move into Disneyland and pretend I’m not a grown up?

My parents (whom I resented) forced my to go back to school and get my bachelors degree. Looking back now it was the right thing to do. However being in college for 6 years is mentally exhausting not to mention you feel old. Like really old. I was now 21 years young and had chosen Cal State Northridge due to the nicest state school close to home. Finally I was at a “normal” college. Greek life is not the best but MUCH better. I now had found myself presented with six PHC options (wahoo!). I had transferred to CSUN in the spring semester with my credits from SFSU as a Junior meaning I had two more years left of school. I thought well I’m kind of old for this whole greek thing but I’ve always wanted it. Spring rush at least at CSUN is much different than fall. In the spring you choose the houses you are interested in, go visit the houses talk to the girls and you are presented with a bid or not. I chose Delta Zeta due to the positive reputation (I’d only been at CSUN two weeks so you know what I gathered in a short amount of time) and my best friend at CSULB had also rush Delta Zeta and she absolutely loved it. I walked in owning the place. I was like HI I’M EMILY AND I’M EXCITED. That night I received my bid and accepted. That summer, I broke up with the soon to fail relationship, went to Paris and London and figured out what I really wanted in all aspects of my life (school, sorority, boys). When I got back to school for Fall semester, I jumped into sorority life, ran for literally every position, got my amazing little, was elected into Vice President of Membership and finally admitted to myself that the boy of my dreams was right in front of me all along (Mr. Murphy and I still going strong 2+ years later!). Now I have graduated from CSUN, I have two fashion degrees I was offered a job before I graduated at GUESS Corporate offices, more than ever madly in love with my Kyle, my little is one of my best friends and I have a kick ass apartment in Brentwood. I mean I’m just sayin, I’m livin! Haha but seriously, I am happier than I have ever been.

Sorority life can be daunting. The only way to approach it is to dive in head first. I don’t regret a moment of my journey because it was MY journey. I found my home away from home. Delta Zeta is where I belong and it will stay with me forever. Today I shared my journey and these posts will mostly be discussing aspects of sorority life but I felt that you needed to understand me before you read my advice. I hope you enjoy and I hope you reach out.




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