Champagne Taste on a Stella Budget


Saving money can be hard. Like Really hard. Especially when you are pursuing a career in fashion, read a million blogs a day, and have that “LiketoKnow:IT” app on your Instagram that emails you all the amazing things bloggers are wearing and where you can buy it, immediately. I suffer, like many, from an online shopping addiction followed up with a champagne taste on a Stella budget.

So here we go. The Great Budget Binge of 2014. How exciting. I personally am motivated by fun which is why I have to name everything in my life and usually dump a bucket of glitter on it as well. Anyways, I am excited to share my budget binge tips! I will be cooking even more than I already am, cleaning up my frivolous spending, and trying out new fun (cheap!) things to do in LA and SB. Although I have never been a good saver, if I have something to save for it’s WAY easier for me.

Once in the beginning of college my mom told me that we were going to PARIS in the summer but I needed to save as much money as humanly possible because it was going to be an expensive trip. Obviously I FREAKED OUT and started to literally save every penny I found on the ground. I had saved around $3,000 which for me was like a million dollars and also you have to imagine I was working part time making minimum wage so literally this was a lot of money. We ended up not going on the trip due to an illness in my family. Then I spent all the money 0n, I couldn’t even tell you what, and I was back down to a savings of practically nothing. The point of this story is I am a person who needs a goal to save for, otherwise, womp womp.

My saving goal this time around is a bit of a secret. I will share when the time is right but as of now, just know that I have one. Let me knwo if you have any saving tips! I’d love any help! READY SET GO!

*Disclaimer! I booked a couple vacations before I decided The Great Budget Binge of 2014 needed to happen. So, don’t judge my travels! I’m still saving, I swear!!*




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