Oh Tuesday


Hi. It’s Tuesday. Tuesdays are weird. Monday, you’re tired, everyone is tired. Wednesday, you’re excited that it’s halfway through the week. Thursday, you’re trying to plan the weekend. Friday, you are so excited to see you boyfriend because it’s been 5 days you can barely sit still (okay I guess this only happens to me but everyone likes Fridays). Saturday, wahoooo! Sunday, depressing because the time with my boyfriend is over and I know that I’ll have to wait another 5 days to see him again, plus I am always exhausted on Sundays. I mean like dead tired, can’t move, almost all the time need a nap exhausted. But Tuesday… Tuesday is just like “Hi, I’m here, I’m still tired even though I shouldn’t be, I need 3 cups of coffee to get through the day and I really don’t want to cook dinner tonight but I can’t eat cereal again for dinner because I am twenty four years old and that’s just sad.”

My weeks consist of counting down the days until I can see my Mr. Murphy. I know that sounds extremely lame and like I need to get a life other than him. But I realized being in this relationship that this is how it’s supposed to be. I mean I have a life don’t get me wrong. I love my friends, my roommate is basically my long lost sister and my career is extremely important to me. But… a part of my life isn’t complete because he’s not here. I have known Kyle since I was 11 years old. We created a relationship built on real friendship, which is rare. We discovered our common interests, wants, desires, goals, naturally. Nothing was ever forced. It all just happened. I am thankful everyday that it did happen because, we belong together. We both know that focusing on our careers is the right thing to do. I’m thankful that he wants me to be successful. He wants me to do what I want. That’s rare for a boyfriend, well at least with all my past personal experiences.

I’m being mushy which typically I try not to be publicly about my relationship. One of the other reasons why we work is our relationship is our business and we share what we want and we keep it to a minimum. But lately it’s been hard. The long distance, the driving, the packing, I’m tired. I just want to be in a normal relationship. I want to make dinner for us. I want to have movie nights on Wednesdays if I feel like it. I want to stop putting 200+ miles on my car every weekend. These past two and a half years have been wonderful. Difficult at times, but worth every second. Fridays always feel like Christmas, Sundays always suck. It’s a routine I hate but it’s what our lives are like right now.

It’s a series of good days and bad days. Today is just a bad one and that’s okay. Tomorrow might be better. I can only hope. This will all be a blip in time eventually, but right now it’s all I have. Reminding myself that I have so much to be thankful for, diving into work and deep breaths in yoga help. It’s nice to know I found my person.

I just can’t wait until I can hang out with him on a Tuesday. Maybe then, Tuesdays won’t be so weird.



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