Sorority Life: Big and Little


Sorry yesterday’s post was so womp, womp deeeepressing! Back to my normal self today, I wanted to write about something that makes me oh so happy. For this second edition of Sorority Life let’s talk about big and little!

Big and little relationships are amazing, complicated but in the end they are one of my favorite things about sorority life. This is cliché but without my little, sorority would seriously not have been the same. Krissy is my rock not only in sorority life but now that I am an alumnae she’s my support system in the real world. Our relationship by no means has always been perfect. Everyone in the world has ups and downs and sideways crazy shit that happens to them. But even though our bumps in life I always knew I could call her and she’d answer. Bottom line. No questions asked. She’s always there just like I am always there.

The point of big and little is a mentorship program. She’s not supposed to be your best friend, however if that happens to you like it did to me, you officially won the lottery. Bigs are there to help mentor you through your sorority journey and give you advice on whatever you need. One piece of advice that I got when I was attempting to select my big was “Think about who you look up to in the sorority, who you would want to surround yourself with and who you want to follow in their footsteps.” So what did my go-getter-I-always-get-what-I-want self do? I wanted the current president of my chapter to be my big sis. Now, frowned upon (your welcome Pi Gamma DZ’s for that rule) I got exactly what I wanted. We had a great relationship and she was a wonderful mentor throughout college. After she graduated our relationship changed and now we don’t talk. It’s all okay though because she was in my life for a reason and I am thankful for the mentorship she gave me. Everyone has someone to lean on in sorority, it could be your best friend, you big, your little or your CCD. All big and little relationships do not end in rainbows and sunshine and there is nothing wrong with that.

My junior year of college I met Krissy on the recruitment floor, we fell in girl crush love and the rest is history. This doesn’t always happen but it did make things easier. We went to Disneyland, a concert and many dinners together before we were even big and little. Nothing ever felt forced, I never brought up big and little stuff and especially did not freak out when other girls tried to hang out with her. I honestly tried to really get to know her on a friend level. I knew that if she wanted to be my little she would need to naturally realize it. It’s the same concept in dating someone. Why would I try and be crazy with a guy so he’ll date me? Hello! Guys don’t want to date crazy girls!!! Anyways, find your little or big normally and naturally.

Reach out with any topics or questions on sorority life!


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