Sorority Life: The Love/Hate Relationship of Recruitment

Ohhhh recruitment, how I love and loathe you at the exact same time. Recruitment is my favorite thing about sorority life, although my first statement might not seem like it’s my favorite thing but I swear it is. For girls who are on the outside going through recruitment is overwhelming at times. You talk to a thousand girls you don’t know over a period of only a couple days. For girls on the inside you have three months to plan your biggest event of the year. You have to make judgement calls on girls you only had a chance to talk to for 10 minutes at most. It’s exhausting!

Tips for girls going through recruitment:

  • BE YOUR SELF!!!! I literally cannot say this enough. Being anything but yourself will 100% show and it won’t be good. Don’t fake liking the color red and purple because it’s the colors of the house you want. Don’t pretend you like to party because you think “that’s what they do” and PS most girls I know don’t party that hard, we care about grades and spending time together, having fun from time to time yes, but it’s not all we care about. Just do you girl. The right house will find you and love you for who you are.
  • Don’t bring up negative topics. Filter yourself girls! Everyone has problems and issues they deal with but the recruitment floor is not the place for it. The girl you are talking to wants to get to know you, she’s not your therapist. I could go on and on about awkward stories of things girls have talked to me on the floor about and believe me they would blow your mind. Sisters are there for you when you need to talk about things you are going though but remember these girls AREN’T your sisters yet! It just makes everyone uncomfortable.
  • Don’t go to recruitment if you are not interested. I mean you would think this would be obvious but no let me tell you it’s not. There is always at least one girl that goes through recruitment that hates everything about sorority.  I always wanted to yell WHY ARE YOU HERE? But obviously did not and just smiled. Usually someone forced them to go which to me is stupid, I never do anything I don’t want to sooooo hello, confused! If you are on the fence you should go because you never know. But if you hate all things sorority and girls in general, you should probably bail and there is nothing wrong with that. Sorority life is not for everyone but it is TONS of fun.
  • Smile! There are over 100 girls smiling at you, probably singing a song, clapping and giving speeches. It’s nice when you smile back! It shows the sorority girls you are interested and excited. It’s nerve racking for sorority girls too so a smile here and there really helps us out. Plus you see friendly and a sign that we are doing our job.
  • Dress the part! Pick out outfits you feel comfortable in. Don’t wear sky high heels, your feet will hurt. Don’t wear skimpy dresses, we all have boobs we don’t need to see yours. Don’t wear sweats, we want to see your personality. Don’t wear short shorts, I believe you that your booty looks great. My go to is always a sundress with nice sandals or wedges. Simple, classic and so cute.
  • Pay attention to the conversations. If you are talking to a sorority girl and she starts talking about things that have no interest to yo, keep that in mind when making your final selection. Or if you didn’t have any positive conversations with any girls in the house maybe it’s not the one for you. Typically the girls that you talk to are set up in a particular way so that you meet girls in the house that have different personalities. This is so you can find a connection with at least one of them. No sorority has clones of the exact same person, although it may seem like that at times, I swear it doesn’t exist.

These are some of my easy tips and tricks to get you through recruitment! Happy rush to all the girls this fall! And as always reach out with any sorority questions, topics, things you want me to write about!



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