Undercover Colors


I keep starting to write fun posts and the BOOM, I forget, my work gets pilled up, I have to hang curtains up (happened last night) or Kyle wants to have a staring contest (I joke, kinda). Anyways here we go. Earlier today my dear Mr. Murphy sent me a magnificent article about a new up and coming company called, Undercover Colors.

The company was started by 4 NC State boys (go pack! for my darling Krissy) and they are trying to develop a nail polish that can detect date rape drugs! HELLO GENIUS. Where was this magical stuff when I was single! If you didn’t already figure it out, I am very nervous person and think everyone is a cookaroo who wants to kidnap me. Why do you think I am dating someone who I grew up with since I was 12. I. Trust. No. One. Anyways, I am so so SO glad to hear that someone is creating some good in this world. I had to share with everyone because I think it is so important to be spreading the word about this incredible company! So…. share share SHARE!



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