Seasons Change

Well you may have noticed some changes! I got a new layout and I am so excited about it. I have always wanted to create a blog that represents who I am and I think that this theme suits me more than the last. I hope you all enjoy! Anyways on to a fun post about FALL! I have always been a summer baby (my birthday being the hottest day of the year, August 1st) but lately in the last couple years I have absolutely fallen in love with fall. Maybe it’s because I am finally sick of the 365 days of sunshine and this little midwesterner at heart misses her season. I don’t really know. I am in love with the camel color for fall. I’m not one to like dark colors at all so this is a great option for a girl like me. Especially camel coats, TO DIE FOR. Who actually needs a coat in LA? No one. Eh a girl can dream.tumblr_na2ehxHpGg1qjpqbeo1_1280

The Perfect Coat.


The Other Perfect Coat.


The Perfect Everything!



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