Keep the Change


Hi there. It’s been a while and boy my life has changed. Ready? Kyle got a new job, moved to LA and lived in my room for a couple months. We decided that we love each other enough that sharing a bathroom isn’t so bad. Now we have our very own apartment, just us two.

Now let’s talk about something that everyone’s got an opinion on, moving in together.

Moving in with my boyfriend is borderline the most terrifying thing I’ve ever done. Yes I love Mr. Murphy like I never knew was even possible however, it’s so freaking scary. I have never lived with a boy in my entire life and up until March of this year I had only lived at home (not counting my little bit of dorm days in SF when I was 18), meaning I was just getting used to living with someone who isn’t obligated to love me no matter what at the end of the day. I mean think of all the things that could go wrong, think of all the things that we as girls do, that freak boys out or ever better they don’t even know we do! Thankfully and PS I Stand by this statement, Kyle has a little sister. ALWAYS DATE BOYS WITH SISTERS. They just understand life better, I swear. Shout out to my little brother’s future wife, hello YOU ARE WELCOME. There are so many compromises that come along with a decision like this. Where the couch will go, how the bedroom will look, where the art will hang. I’m so glad that most of this stuff isn’t hard because we have similar design likes but it can be frustrating going through the discussions. Like for example I want the entire apartment to be white and gold and covered in glitter pillows, Ky however wants to hang up a photo with a llama with balloons attached to it (I am dead serious this is a discussion we have actually had, NUMEROUS times). Um no llamas and no glitter pillows. Compromises go both ways.

Do you ever notice that when you make a decision, everyone and I mean EVERYONE has an opinion? Like hello I did not ask you for your advice. “Well, you aren’t married.” “He’ll never marry you if you move in with him.” “Oh so you aren’t really catholic.”

NEWSFLASH. Nun. Ya. Biz. My relationship, decisions and religion are no one’s concern but mine and Kyle. You wouldn’t buy a car without test driving it right? Obviously at the end of the day we both decided that this was meant to happen. And as of now, it’s the best decision I’ve made.

I’m just so damn thankful. Thankful for Ky and thankful for this amazing life we share together. Sometimes I just pinch myself and ask if it’s all really real.

I feel like a real life princess, everyday.



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