Sleeveless Blazers

Recently I just snagged a sleeveless blazer and was so excited that it was such a deal, I had to have it. When I got home I realized that I have no idea how to wear it and I was going to need a little inspo. Here are my favorite ways of rocking a sleeveless blazer! Of course I would fall in love with a key item from OP’s closet.Le-Fashion-Blog-Two-Way-Bright-Summer-Looks-With-Pleated-Details-Olivia-Palermo-Orange-Sleeveless-Blazer sleeveless-blazer-7 057f7c00837d3685235778d20c210363 9300bbabe0b398db89b0a7188445418a d81ae10450a7bced0d63d3feb78591ce ff11e034c9d25df63d703593811ce9c1*All images found on Pinterest.

Hopefully I’ll post my outfit soon!




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